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Performance-Driven CRM: How to Make Your Customer Relationship Management Vision a Reality 2002 г Твердый переплет, 320 стр ISBN 0470831618 инфо 11593n.

Many organizations have embraced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as the way of the future and have invested millions of dollars in CRM technology and processes But how effective is that investment? Whaаюагиt should you measure to determine the value your CRM initiatives are delivering to the organization? Performance-Driven CRM shows you how to apply a balanced scorecard approach to your customer care initiatives This practical hands-on guide provides you with the toolsбльфо and techniques to measure and monitor, not for control purposes, but to help you make your vision of CRM a reality Featuring case studies from organizations such as FedEX, NEC, and Johnson Controls, this book covers both what has to be measured in the Internet environment, as well ashow you can use Web tools as enablers for your research and assessment 1st edition Авторы Стенли А Браун Stanley A Brown Мооша Гулиж Moosha Gulycz.