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Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks Серия: Classic Albums инфо 13635n.

От издателя Britain in 1976 was a country divided by class and deeply wounded by industrial unrest and unemployment The music industry was almost comatose and the effect of overblown supergroups producing seаюгуйlf-indulgent 'progressive rock' Consequently, the stage was set for four working-class, individualistic and dispossessed teenagers to create chaos and mayhem among the established order of the music business in 1977 They produced one of the most influential albums inблюяж rock music They were the Sex Pistols This program tells the story of the making of 'Never Mind the Bollocks-Here's the Sex Pistols', the album that was, and remains today, a key inspiration worldwide for the alternative music scene In exclusive interviews with John Lydon, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Glen Matlock we tell this incredible story, and take a track by track look at the making of the album John Lydon gives his unique take on the songs, his lyrical inspirations and the wбсмошhole Pistols phenomenon Steve and Glen demonstrate riffs andilicks from the songs, and explain the development of the music Chris Thomas (producer) and Bill Price (producer/engineer) set the record straight about the recording sessions and return to the original multi-track tapes for evidence of the band's dynamic musicianship There are also contributions from 'mis-manager' Malcolm McLaren, live sound engineer Dave Goodman, journalists andirecord executives from the time They program is illustrated by archived footage from the Sex Pistols in concert including very rare footage of Emi', 'New York', and 'Seventeen', TV performances, home movie footage, promotional videos, and early demo recordings This program provides a unique insight into the making of a record which still remains a milestone in rock history, a true Classic Album Featuring cuts from: Pretty Vacant Submission Anarchy In the UK Emi Liar Holidays In the Sun Bodies God Save the Queen Problems New York Seбтндтventeen Режиссер: Мэттью Лонгфеллоу Продюсер: Мартин Р Смит Режиссер Мэттью Лонгфеллоу Matthew Longfellow Актер "Sex Pistols" (Исполнитель) Одна из самых скандальных групп за всю историю рок-музыки была образована летом 1975 года в Лондоне школьными приятелями Стивом Джонсом (гитара), Уолли Найтингейлом (вокал, гитара) и Полом Куком (ударные) Вскоре в состав группы влился бас-гитарист Гленн .