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Cisco PIX Firewalls: Configure, Manage, & Troubleshoot Behrens Brian Browne Ido Dubrawsky инфо 1853h.

Редактор: Charles Riley Все авторы This completely updated bestseller covers Cisco PIX Security Appliance Software Version 70, as well as the entire family of Cisco PIX 500 Series Firewalls The boаюввзok clearly explains how to leverage the integrated remote access and site-to-site VPN capabilities found in PIX Firewalls It also illustrates how to securely extend your network to tele-workers, remote and satellite offices, business partners, suppliers, and customersблэьм The authors thoroughly document all enhancements to PIX 70, including virtual LAN (VLAN)-based virtual interfaces, OSPF Dynamic Routing over VPNs, Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) Authentication Proxy, Local User Authentication Database for Network and VPN Access, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Support for VPN Accelerator Card+ (VAC+), DHCP Server Support on Multiple Interfaces Special attention is paid to intrusion protection configuration Create Multiple Securбсмдмity Contexts Create virtual firewalls within a single appliance, each with its own set of security policies, logical interfaces, and administrative domain Utilize PIX 70's Advanced Active Failover Design Create an easy-to-manage, high-availability solution using geographically separated appliances, that continuously synchronize their connection state and device configuration data Sleep Easy with Scheduled System Reloads Schedule PIX security appliance reloads at specific times to better manage network downtime and remote-access VPN connections more efficiently Secure Communications with SSHv2 and Secure Copy Protocol Use SSHv2 to securely manage PIX appliances and begin using SCP for secure file transfer between appliances Take Advantage of the New ASDM With ASDM all you need is a Web browser to deploy, configure, and monitor a PIX appliance, or to setup a VPN Deploy OSPF Dynamic Routing Use OSPF to detect service outages and automatically reroute your netwoбтнбщrk and VPN traffic for optimal performance and flexibility Realize the Benefits of IPv6 PIX 70 provides IPv6-enabled inspection services for HTTP, FTP, SMTP, ICMP, TCP, and UDP Manage and Contain Malicious Attacks Use your PIX firewall to protect against SYN Floods, malicious fragmentation of traffic, and excessive connection establishment by configuring limits Download the Bonus, Complete E-Book for PIX Software 6x If you are migrating from 6x or running a mixed environment, download a FREE copy of Syngress's best-selling PIX 6x book Формат: 17,7 см x 22,7 см Авторы (показать всех авторов) Thorsten Behrens Brian Browne Ido Dubrawsky.

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