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Aliens In The Backyard: Plant And Animal Imports Into America Издательство: University of South Carolina Press, 2005 г Твердый переплет, 235 стр ISBN 1570035822 инфо 13524h.

Aliens live among us Thousands of species of nonnative flora and fauna have taken up residence within US borders Our lawns sprout African grasses, our roadsides flower with European weeds, and our homes haаюеюнrbor Asian, European, and African pests Misguided enthusiasts deliberately introduced carp, kudzu, and starlings And the American cowboy spread such alien life forms as cows, horses, tumbleweed, and anthrax, supplanting and supplementing the often unexpected ways qбманх"Native" Americansinfluenced the environment Aliens in the Backyard: Plant and Animal Imports into America recounts the origins and impacts of these and other nonindigenous species on our environment and pays overdue tribute to the resolve of nature to survive in the face of challenge and change In considering the new home that imported species have made for themselves on the continent, John Leland departs from those environmentalists who universally decry the invasion of oбснаоutsiders Instead, Leland finds that uncovering stories of aliens’ arrivals and assimilation is a more intriguing—and ultimately more beneficial—endeavor While he does lament such storied ravagers as the chestnut blight, Dutch elm disease, and gypsy moth, Leland also posits that themajority of nonnative plants and animals, much like their human counterparts, go about the business of existence and reproduction without threat to the world around them Mixing natural history with engaging anecdotes, Leland cuts through patriotic and problematic myths coloring our grasp of the natural world and suggests that the stories of how these alien species have reshaped our landscape are as much a part of the continent’s heritage as tales of our presidents and politics Simultaneously, he poses questions about which, if any, of our accepted icons is truly American (not apple pie or Kentucky bluegrass; not Idaho potatoes or Boston ivy) Written with a genuine appreciation for nature’s reбтнзцsiliency, Leland’s ode to survival revealshow plant and animal immigrants have made the country as much an environmental melting pot as its famed melding of human cultures, and he invites us to reconsider what it means to be American Автор Джон Леланд John Leland.

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